How are Dashboards better than MIS reports?

Older software packages typically provide multiple MIS reports that are meant to be printed and studied. These are done periodically, usually daily or monthly, and were suitable when up to the minute decisions were not required. Now companies are moving towards dashboards with real-time statuses for quicker decision making.

Traditional MISDashboards
The focus is more on financial figures such as sales and revenue.Dashboards provide a holistic view including customer profile and employee data.
More domain experience is required to understand the numbers and what they mean. Dashboards are designed to be more intuitive so even those with lesser experience can understand the insights.
These are designed to be printed and often cannot be viewed online.These are designed to be viewed on any device, including mobile phones and tablets.
Traditionally these reports can be viewed only when logged into the system in the office.Dashboards can be published on any device and can be viewed outside the office without compromising the security of the data.

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